CCM solution delivers cost-effective, multichannel communications of IT returns to the citizens of India

The Income Tax department is a government body, an arm of the Central Board of Direct Taxes, of Department of Revenue in Ministry of Finance, India. The year 2000 saw an overhaul of the department with stress on computerization to improve efficiency and deal with increasing workload.

The objective: To overcome the resource crunch and expedite the entire process, the IT department outsourced processing of returns to one of the leading IT service providers in the country. Customer communication management solution delivers cost-effective, multichannel communications of IT returns to the citizens of India.

  • Different types of communications were to be sent to citizens filing their tax returns. Examples included intimation of assessment/rectification of the submitted returns statement, notices declaring the ITR defective, intimation of refund etc. Sending these through multiple channels of delivery and within the defined SLA (Service Level Agreement) was a huge challenge. Handling the volumes, approximately 27 million statements, required a robust and scalable solution.
  • One of the important business objectives was to keep the cost of sending these communications to a minimum without compromising on the efficiency of the process.
  • Change management of data and design in disparate statements to reflect changing income tax rules and regulations was difficult as it needed skilled manpower.

CCM Solution at work

Our Customer communication management solution built on UniServe™ NXT Platform helped expedite the process of generating and distributing returns. All communications, nearly 25 different, conveying the status of the returns filed by the citizens were delivered using the solution. The total cost of communication was kept to a minimum while ensuring multi-channel distribution of voluminous data.


  • Reduction in cost of processing and distributing returns- The solution helped in automating the end-to-end process thus reducing manual intervention and saving printing and mailing costs.
  • Encouraging people to e-file their income tax returns- Faster and efficient process of sending returns to the citizens through electronic channels of communication helped build confidence of the citizens which encourages them to file their income tax returns online.
  • Improved citizen satisfaction- Faster turnaround time for generation of duplicate statements, electronic distribution of statements, tracking the status of the e-mails, SMS and physical mails sent to them contributed in enhancing the experience of the citizens.

Our Customer communication management solution built on UniServe™ NXT Platform helped expedite the process of generating and distributing returns.

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