Making Customer​
Experiences Scalable and Agile

Optimize spending, and enhance customer journeys with consistent branding across
multi-channel communications for better engagement with UniServe NXT Customer Communication 360O Platform

Enable Seamless Customer Journeys
With Centralized Communications

Minimize communication spends and suppress redundant communications with unified governance for better control and management.

Enhance Customer Experience (CX)

Optimize end-to-end customer journeys including onboarding, statement updates, loyalty management, claims approval/rejection, and more.


Centralize communications on aunified platform for multiple LOBs and communication channels.

Ensure 100% Compliance

Avoid penalties and fines due to non-adherence to regulatory reports of communications.

Minimize Operational Expenditure (OpEx)

Eliminate the cost of sending redundant communications and reduce IT operation costs of change management.

UniServe™ NXT Customer Communications Management 360O Platform

Today, Enterprise customers demand greater control, transparency, customization, and faster service delivery. To stay ahead of the competitive landscape, it is critical to effectively communicate with customers, provide superior service, improve workflow efficiency, comply with stringent regulations, and reduce OpEx.

Recognized By Leading Analysts

Our CCM Platform has been recognized by leading analyst firms like Gartner, Fortuner Business Insights, and Quadrant.

Ranked #1 in Gartner Peer Insights, 2023

UniServe NXT Digital Suite has been rated as the Number one CCM solution by customers across the globe in Gartner Peer Insights. In Product Capabilities it has been rated 4.8/5, and in Service & Support again 4.8/5. For Integration & Deployment, the solution has been rated 4.7/5 and in Evaluation & Contracting too, the rating is 4.7/5.


Recognized in Fortune Business Insights 2024 CCM Report

Fortune Business Insights recognizes Intense Technologies as a leading CCM vendor in their CCM report for the second consecutive year.


Recognized in the Quadrant SPARK Matrix™ for CCM, 2024

Intense Technologies has been recognized in 2024 Quadrant SPARK Matrix™ for Customer Communication Management.


Maximizing Impact with Unified Communications

Discover the perks of centralizing communications with multiple LOBs and decrease the cost of operations. Leverage customer journey mapping for better control and management.

Interactive and Personalized Communications for Seamless Customer Journeys

Learn how our UniServe™ NXT Communication Governance Management Platform empowers organizations to efficiently engage with customers, enhance communication efficiency, comply with stringent regulations, and reduce spending.

Deliver Seamless Customer Experiences

Redefine customer experiences, adopt communication governance, improve operational efficiency, enhance Net Promoted Score (NPS), and reduce costs.


Track and monitor payments in real time and enhance CX

Customer Experience

Get real-time insights into customer journeys

Information Technology

Modernize existing legacy infrastructure instantly


Get customer insights for marketing campaigns