Data Management

Harness the power of data for strategic decision-making

Thrive in a Data-driven World

Intelligent Data Management solutions offer a holistic approach to your data, combining automation, analytics, and innovation to make sense of the multitude variety and dimensions of data.

Simplify Data Landscape

Simplify your data landscape with a universal query engine to access data from disparate sources.

Dynamic Input Data Handling

Seamlessly integrate data from various sources, ensuring a comprehensive view of your business operations.

Adapters with Business Rules

Leverage pre-built adapters, combined with customizable business rules to ingest, transform, and structure data effortlessly.

Transform the Way you Manage Data

From disparate data sources to advanced XML-OLAP and database structures, we've got you covered.

Data Virtualization

Break down data silos

Get a single view of data across different data types and sources in a secure, governed fashion.

Unlock The Data Goldmine with
Intelligent Data Management

Address complex data challenges to transform numbers into insights. Collateralize, modernize, and monetize data for better revenue generation opportunities.

Improve Data Accessibility

Unify data across any cloud, data lake, or database. Empower your teams to find, collaborate and access high-quality data through a unified view.

Deliver Quality Data

Minimize the cost of poor-quality data and leverage data-driven insights to enable strategic decision-making.

End-to-End data Governance

Leverage comprehensive data governance frameworks from start to finish, utilize cataloging technology to guarantee queries to ensure data integrity and reliability.

Meet customers wherever they are

Deliver personalized email campaigns and drive click-throughs based on​deep learning recommendations.​

Improve data access

Unify data across any cloud, data lake or database. Empower your teams to find, collaborate and access high-quality data through one view.

Deliver quality data

Ensure improved business outcomes by  integrating well-governed data.

End-to-end data governance

Comprehensive data governance from start to finish, utilizing cataloging technology to guarantee queries operate on top-tier, validated data.

Proactively Address Data Quality Issues

Visualize statistical insights and data quality assessments for your data assets, empowering data stewards to enhance data quality using AI-driven rules.

Adaptive Metadata Management

Oversee your data products by simplifying data stewardship through metadata management, optimizing self-service data access, and effectively managing the lifecycles of your data product.

Ensure Data Privacy, Security, and Accessibility

Identify sensitive data with data protection rules that dynamically reduce risk of regulatory violations with role-based access controls.