Digital Customer Engagement

Meet customers at the right time and place with a complete Marketing Automation Tool
built for scale, speed, and personalization.

Maximize your Reach with​ Personalized Campaigns

​ Build and deliver contextually relevant ​marketing campaigns and intelligently reach​ your audience with UniServe™ Reach​

All-in-One Marketing Automation Platform

Get 50% higher open rates and 100% higher click rates with UniServe™ Reach​

Maintain Brand Consistency Across Channels

Ensure a consistent brand voice across all your communication efforts to enhance customer engagement

Integration​ with Various Channels​

Seamless integration with APIs,​ SMS, email, WhatsApp, and more

Track Campaign Performance

Stay on top of communication effectiveness and performance to continually optimize communication strategy

Market Better, Smarter with UniServe™ Reach

UniServe™ Reach enables seamless automation of routine marketing campaigns by enabling omni-channel campaigns and personalized campaigns for cross-sell, upsell, and lead generation opportunities.

Built for delivering exceptional experience at each stage of the customer journey,

Reach your customers on their preferred mode of communication channels and enhance your marketing effectiveness by engaging specific customer segments at the optimal time and place.

Meet Customers Wherever They Are​

Deliver personalized email campaigns and optimize click-throughs based
on​ deep learning recommendations.​

Leverage Actionable Insights

Transform raw data into valuable insights by leveraging customer analytics.

Improve Conversions

Send contextual campaigns on customer's preferred channel and time and improve customer experience.

Personalize Offers

Optimize your marketing offerings based on customer preferences and behavior to effectively drive revenue generation opportunities.

Improved Customer
Data Management

AI-powered marketing ​helps process enormous amounts of customer data to help Enterprises better understand their customers.

Real-Time Insights and Analytics

Get deeper insights into your customers' behavioural data, and product usage with industry-defining tools like cohorts, funnels, paths, uninstalls, and real-time event analytics.

Customer Journey Orchestration

Create workflows, set rules, select channels, and run contextual campaigns at scale with customer and business-triggered events.

Unleash Your True Business Potential with AI-Powered Marketing Automation

Leverage dynamic campaign management and digital customer engagement to
optimize customer journeys and improve CX.
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