Deliver exceptional digital customer experience, gain deeper visibility into customer behavior and continue to fuel growth with UniServe™ NXT

UniServe™ NXT helps insurers stay ahead by making it easy to collaborate with partners and
deliver exceptional customer experience.

Digital First Approach

The insurance industry needs technology that can deliver unique value chain enhancements. . UniServe™ NXT platform combines advanced technological capabilities like APIs, business process management, and process automation to help you reduce costs, streamline processes, and enhance customer experiences. We let you engage customers in a personalized, contextual, and digitally relevant way.

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Reimagining Digital Customer Experience

The Customer Communications Management (CCM) solution is a strong digital engagement solution that helps companies acquire new customers, strengthen their customer relationships, improve retention, and cultivate loyalty into advocacy. Leading companies across the globe use our solutions to digitally transform and stay agile while improving Customer Experience.


Leveraging the power of a Customer Engagement Hub

Customer Engagement Hub Solution delivers a seamless, intuitive experience that is easy to use and allows you to personalize customer interactions. The result is a delighted, loyal policyholder and a better brand value.

See how you can transform your customer experience lifecycle


We offer superior data accuracy, improving customer experience and enabling onboarding through digital channels.


Unique customer identity processes streamline personalized engagement.


Using our centralized customer engagement hub lets you communicate with stakeholders easily. Launch personalized campaigns and reduce support costs by providing customers with self-service application channels.

Digitalize your customer-centric processes with AI, improve Net Promoter Score, reduce customer support costs and aid incremental revenue with a personalized customer engagement solution.