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Deliver exceptional digital customer experience, gain deeper visibility into customer behavior and continue to fuel growth with UniServe™ NXT.

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To stay competitive, a customer-focused, digital-first strategy is a must for banks. Clearly, digital-first experience and personalization is key to ensuring relevance in every interaction resulting in better customer loyalty and higher revenue.

Contextual, personalized CX

Digital Customer Engagement Hub enable banks to drive deeper customer engagements, across channels, and devices offering contextual, personalized experiences

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AI Technology Driven Solution

The agile onboarding solution facilitates a seamless customer experience. It offers excellent features such as digital KYC, Video in Person Verification (VIPV), AI based facial recognition and much more.

Hyper-personalized, Connected Customer Experience

The Customer Communications Management (CCM) solution helps enterprises engage with customers in real-time, and hyper-personalize customer journeys for upsell/cross sell, thus improving brand loyalty.

Digital Customer Engagement Solution

Our interactive customer engagement solution offers greater convenience while promoting two-way communication between institutions and their customers.


See how you can transform your customer experience lifecycle


Enjoy faster, more efficient customer onboarding that complies with KYC regulations


Analyze customer data using unique identities shared across lines of business, allowing for personalized cross-departmental engagement


Deliver personalized communications to your customers consistently. Improve revenues, lower customer service costs, and increase customer loyalty using our platform

Our centralized customer engagement hub sends notifications to each stakeholder, launching personalized campaigns and exposing business processes to customers to generate new efficiencies

UniServe™ NXT helps build engaging digital solutions further raising the bar for a personalized experience. It offers a complete understanding of an individual banking customer’s preferences and behaviors thus creating innovative, personalized experiences in the banking CX journey.