Digital-First Solutions for Government & PSU Organizations

Government organizations across the world are transforming their bureaucratic processes to provide optimized and secure public services.

Our digital-first solutions empower governments to maximize the value of citizen data assets they hold. Our platform makes it easy to collaborate and partner with key stakeholders such as governance committees, agency leaders, citizens, IT service providers, and third-party entities.

Accelerate the digitalization of citizen transactions and the execution of processes using innovative technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence. Governments can use UniServe™ NXT as a secure, agile development platform to improve citizen experience with user-friendly portals, mobile apps, and contextualized or location-based services

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Seamless Citizen Experiences

Offer faster, more centralized citizen onboarding to various government services. Passport services, driver's license registration, and certificate registration services (birth, death, marriage, vehicles, etc.), can all be streamlined.

De-duplication Solutions

Remove duplicate citizen records in multiple government departments. Have election commissions establish single citizen identities while curbing malpractice and misappropriation of government funds.

Effortless Communications

Deliver personalized, interactive, and consistent communications to citizens while lowering per-capita service costs.

Educate citizens on various government initiatives through digital channels. Empower them with self-serve exposed processes that interact with government agencies. Use citizen feedback to alert responsible officials to act.

Self-care Portals

Deliver an exceptional experience with centralized self-service solutions for government-related services. Citizens can register for new services, raise requests for changes, and pay bills, all through one secure portal