360-degree customer view of interactions to enhance your business agility

Understanding your customer for business agility

Customer information is present in multiple systems and spread across multiple lines of business. As a result enterprises do not have a holistic view of their customers. This is the root cause behind disjointed customer experience across multiple channels. UniServe™ NXT platform helps enterprises gain a 360 degree view of customers.

Gaining 360 degree view of your customer involves:

  • Having accurate customer data
  • Identifying relationships among customers
  • Tracking customer subscriptions
  • Understanding customers multi-channel interactions
  • Analyzing customers social behavior

With UniServe™ NXT, enterprises can radically simplify business processes and modernize existing environment for enhanced customer centricity.

  • Acquire customers 50% faster
  • Deliver an Omni-channel experience
  • Engage Omni-channel experience
  • Analyze data for personalization
  • Experience empowerment self-service

UniServe™ NXT has been implemented across 4 continents that offers a 360 degree view of customer interactions and communications. With more than a decade of domain expertise in serving Telecoms and Insurance markets with a consistent customer experience and much more, our solutions help businesses in their digital transformation.