Redefining Communication Governance

Orchestrate 360-degree customer journeys with personalized and omni-channel touch-points,
minimize operational cost leakages and leverage a single source of truth for centralized governance.

Adopt a Centralized Platform for All Your Communication Needs

UniServe NXT Customer Communication 360O

Optimize customer journeys, ensure regulatory compliance, avoid penalties and fines, and drive cost savings by suppressing redundant communications.

Automated Marketing and Distribution

Drive personalized marketing campaigns to effectively engage specific customer segments at the optimal time; maintain branding consistency, and track communications effectiveness and performance.


Enhance customer engagement through a variety of channels including websites, mobile applications, social media platforms, SMS, IVR, Email, WhatsApp, Push-notifications, and other mediums, while maintaining a flexible and cost-effective approach.

Leverage Communication Governance Hub to Cut Costs and Improve CX

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Why Choose Intense for Communication Governance

Drive Significant
Cost Savings

Eliminate redundant communications, identify areas for cost savings, and drive effective cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to improve revenue margins.

Adopt Centralized Governance

Engage with your customers through their preferred communication channel at the right time and get strategic insights into the effectiveness of your communications to analyze and adapt at scale.

Leverage 30+ Years of Industry Expertise

With over three decades of experience in building communication strategies for Enterprises, we help businesses deliver holistic customer journeys with consistent brand messaging to build meaningful connections.

Ensure Security and Compliance

Adaptive governance frameworks to ensure data privacy and maintain regulatory standards to avoid revenue leakages, penalties, and fines.

Standardize and Elevate Customer Experience

Optimize communication spending and identify cost-saving areas; ensure adherence to evolving regulatory requirements and avoid penalties.

Scale Marketing Effectiveness

Streamline incremental revenue generation via up-sell or cross-sell opportunities and drive cost-savings by cutting down on redundant communication efforts.

Transmission Services for Seamless Communications

Adopt Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) to get lightning-fast implementation with ready-made APIs to connect your existing technology stack. Enable seamless composition, management, delivery, and optimization of contextual messages across customer journeys through omnichannel engagements.