UniServe™ NXT provides centralized Customer Engagement Hub

Every business today is going digital

Businesses can thrive only if they leverage digital channels to efficiently interact with stakeholders like customers, partners, employees and regulators. And these customers want instant updates and notifications on purchases, new product information, payments, delivery status and so on.

But the complexity of ever-increasing digital channels and the present siloed legacy infrastructure makes it increasingly difficult for enterprises to keep up with the customers' demand for notifications, resulting in delivering disjoint and inconsistent notifications from multiple stakeholders when they interact with your brand.

Introducing e-hub

A cloud based digital customer engagement solution built on our platform UniServe™ NXT that helps enterprises engage with customers and partners seamlessly. E-hub makes it simple and easy to notify your stakeholders in four steps:

  • Connect, design, distribute and monitor

The digital customer engagement solution has an Omni-channel connect that:

  • Helps enhance customer interactions across all voice and digital channels
  • Ensures customers have a consistent, seamless and personalized experience
  • Helps launch campaigns, build valuable new revenue opportunities and improve customer loyalty while reducing costs
  • E-hub also allows you to track delivery of the notifications and generates leads instantly.

E-hub supports multiple digital channels like email, SMS, outbound dialer and push to deliver seamless and consistent customer experience.

With e-hub you are a step closer to becoming a truly digital business

Today we process more than two hundred million notifications to our customers in a day. Yes, the World’s fastest growing 4G Telecom service provider sends out 200 million digital communications in a day using our digital customer engagement solution. Centralized customer engagement solution built on UniServe™ NXT platform is a single solution that takes care of the entire organizational communications to multiple stakeholders across multiple channels.