Digital customer engagement solution

Today, technology is driving customerengagement and our digital customer engagement solutions will help enterprises gain market share.While the connected customer expects a seamless customer journey across connected devices andsocial media, UniServe™ NXT, our digital platform helps them collaborate with each other to take customer experience to the next level. Here's how our solution helps

  • By engaging with customers in real-time, andunderstanding their customer journeysforupsell/cross sell, thus improvebrand loyalty.
  • The solution offers simplified, interactive videocommunications, and self-help strategy that improve customer satisfaction.
  • Real-time customer engagement, faster query resolution result in fasterrevenue realization, and eliminates revenueloss due to inaccurate dunning hencefewer disputes.
  • Cloud hosting, AI based communication, in better customer engagement

The platform offers a host of features like

  • Two-way interactive video communications with password protection
  • Integration with virtual assistants and mobile apps for self-help
  • Personalized cross-sell and up-sell
  • Centralized alerts and notifications engine allowing real-time alerts/notifications
  • Single view of the customer to internal and external stakeholders ensuring a seamless customer experience

Our award-winning platform has been Featured in Gartner Market guide as Representative Vendors of the CCM and a ‘Leader’ in Aspire Leaderboard™ 2021 for business automation and as ‘Comprehensive’ on the Overall Leaders, Communication Composition and Omni-channel orchestration grids. Our solutions are implemented across Insurance, telecom, Banking sectors. We help automate most of customer interfacing processes seamlessly that has won us our customers delight.

The platform with its advanced technology features like BPM and AI improve CX journey while driving customer engagement, a perfect win for any enterprise.