Revolutionizing Customer Communication Management (CCM) with In10s

HYDERABAD, India- July 18th, 2023 -Revolutionizing Customer Communication Management (CCM) with In10s

The webinar titled "Revolutionizing Customer Communication Management (CCM) with In10s" focused on the importance of Customer Communication Management in today's digital landscape and highlighted In10s' leadership in the SPARK Matrix. The session was held on July 14th 2023 and the following key topics were covered:

  • Significance of CCM in the Digital Landscape: The webinar likely discussed how effective customer communication management plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall customer experience. It may have highlighted the challenges faced in the digital era and emphasized the need for efficient CCM solutions.

  • In10s' CCM Capabilities: The webinar likely showcased the capabilities and expertise of In10s in the field of Customer Communication Management. This may have included an overview of their solutions, services, and technologies that empower businesses to effectively communicate with their customers.

  • Sneak Peek into New Product Offerings: Participants were given a glimpse of In10s' new product offerings related to Customer Communication Management. This could have included a preview of upcoming features, enhancements, or solutions that In10s plans to introduce to further revolutionize the field.

The webinar received a positive response from attendees, with an engaging Q&A session following the presentations. Notable speakers included Joseph Rozario, Head - Consulting, APAC Growth at Intense Technologies, as well as Umang Thakur and Amandeep Khanuja, from Quadrant Knowledge Solutions. Their insights and expertise added significant value to the discussion, further enriching the attendees' understanding of Customer Communication Management and In10s' role in the industry. Read More

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