Know Your Architecture, an online event hosted by Intense Technologies and Searce Inc

Maximize Business Outcomes from your Application Performance Monitoring Solution

An online event hosted by Intense Technologies and Searce Inc.

The team at Intense and Searce Inc warmly welcomes startups and enterprise customers to join an open house session. The 60-minute knowledge-sharing session is open to everyone interested in increasing the tech community in Hyderabad and other cities.

The session is designed for solution architects, database architects, cloud professionals, and techies who want to learn more about low-code platforms, cloud security, MVP for startups, testing, and integrating new AI/ML tools.

The session is free, and we encourage you to ask questions about your unique deployment challenges, and our lineup of experts will share their views and assistance.

The panel includes Mario Clarence, CTO, Intense Technologies, Srinivas Mungi, AWS certified SA, Senior Technical Architect, Intense Technologies, and Raghu Bomminayuni, Head of Pre-sales in Searce Inc, with extensive knowledge of cloud technologies.

Avinash Kulkarni, Head, Cloud Services, Intense Technologies will moderate the session.

Hear it from experts, as they tell you how to discover new ways to quickly access real-time information and correct application errors to maintain optimal customer experience. This webinar will walk you through tips and insights into how you can ensure your applications run perfectly even during uncertain times.

Event Details

When: 17th May 2023, 5.00 PM to 6.00 PM
Where: Online