Introducing the Legacy App Quick Makeover: Unleash Innovation without Re-engineering

Welcome to an exclusive open house session hosted by Intense Technologies and OpenLegacy Israel.

An exciting opportunity for all SMB and enterprise customers!

If you're dealing with legacy applications on AS/400 (IBM i), Cobol, RPG, CICS, IMS, Mainframes, JDE, VSAM, and more, this is your platform to know more about Modernization. No more rip and replace, no re-platforming, and absolutely no increase in technical debt!

Our risk-free and cost-effective fast makeover solution allows you to unlock innovation and achieve digitalization across your entire business, including the most mission-critical aspects.

Not just that, our APIs for SAP ECC 6 provide a bridge between your existing systems and a wide range of external applications, allowing for streamlined data exchange, real-time updates, and simplified business processes. With these APIs, you can unleash the full potential of your SAP ECC 6 system and take advantage of modern technologies.

Experience a remarkable transformation by creating business-ready APIs, Microservices, and modern endpoints in just minutes.

Join us for the webinar and hear it from our distinguished panel of experts:

  • Gil Paecht, VP, OpenLegacy Israel
  • Karunakar, AVP – AI, ML Division, Intense Technologies
  • Srinivas Mungi, AWS certified architect, Intense Technologies

Moderated by Avinash Kulkarni, Head, Cloud and Business Automation, Intense Technologies, this event promises to be engaging, insightful, and relevant to your needs.

Don't let legacy app challenges hold you back any longer.

We extend a warm welcome to guests from the UK, India, and other countries with extensive legacy app installations. Please note that this session specifically addresses Mainframes and IBM i. For Windows/Java legacy apps, alternative tools will be covered separately.

To participate, simply register online and log in to the session. We assure you it will be an intriguing and captivating experience. As we host this event online, you can savor your favorite cup of coffee from the comfort of your location.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity. Register now and embrace the future of your legacy applications. Ciao!

Event details:

Date: 26th July 2023
Time: 5.00 PM to 6.00PM IST
Where: online