INTENSE Doubles Software Installations Growth; Innovative Digital platform to boost sales in 2014

Interest in the INTENSE Digital Transformation Platform continues to grow, if these numbers are any indication

Hyderabad, India, February 27, 2014: Intense Technologies (In10s) (BSE: INTENTECH, 532326) today announced it has recorded more than 10 customers in the Telecom Sector, which has doubled during the financial year 2013-2014, taking into account data till December 2013.

This represents 86% percent of INTENSE total revenue for the year 2013-2014, with Intense noting that UniServeTM, its innovative Digital Transformation Platform growing faster than expected since the last 2 years.

INTENSE is now set to launch its SMAC “Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud” compatible location based app which will enable service providers to improve revenues by digitalizing campaign management. We believe in the immediate future, customer experience is moving towards mobile platforms. 70% percent of the Customer Experience Functions will be on Enterprise Agility platform and that is what excites us, Jayant Dwarkanath, CEO, Intense Technologies Limited said

INTENSE main focus is developing a single software system for customer lifecycle management which includes customer onboarding, B2B and B2C customer engagement and experience solutions.

Enterprise Communication functions are also changing— with many platforms currently in use are likely to be moved across to a faster, efficient, interactive platform. “Nobody offers everything. There are specialists in different areas and we like to be the specialist in offering an innovative Digital Transformation Platform that enables customer centric process automation.” Jayant added.

Our installation number form a significant share of all potential installation in the domestic and international market, with INTENSE estimating that more number of SI’s and OEM would sign up in the near future and its product installations would grow at an even faster way going forward.

INTENSE, partners with world’s leading System Integrators and OEM to deliver its software products to consumers around the world. Intense award winning Enterprise Agility product UniServeTM 360 enjoys 70% market share of the Telecom industry (in India) and a leadership position in the Insurance segment (in India)