Feature Interview: André Clarkson, VP Sales, Europe, in conversation with Aspire Leaderboard

December 2020: In this month’s professional spotlight, Aspire Leaderboard features André Clarkson, VP Sales, Europe, Intense Technologies to find out where he thinks the CCM market is headed.

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Aspire: What is the biggest lesson you've learned so far in your career?

André: Two areas for me. Firstly, it’s all about value. How it is interpreted and what it means to Customers, individuals, and organisations.

Without value one cannot impact or change outcomes. Articulated with humility, sincerity and understanding it can change things for the better.

Secondly, success and failure are milestones in the journey of doing things better each time. Not dwelling on either point too long, but a sharp focus on what needs to be done next & at pace is key.

Aspire: What excites you about the CCM industry right now?

André: I think the world we live in now is very different to the one we lived in not so long ago (pre-Covid). The new norm is the need for individuals & Enterprises to adapt & change how they go about their business. For some verticals (travel, tourism, hospitality) survival is the only focus, while for others, it’s about stability and being equipped to ride the wave of opportunity coming along.

I think we are seeing the value of the right customer engagement being paramount to long term growth & success. How we interact, when and why. To this end I believe CCM, which essentially is morphing into CX management, is a key pillar supporting the need to change the way we do & need to do our business.

Aspire: What should we watch out for from Intense Technologies in the coming months?

André: Helping CSP’s & Enterprises improve their digital relationship with their Enterprise & Consumer customers by leveraging AI to improve the billing & self-serve engagement