How Telecoms drive business and build a competitive edge with exceptional B2B Customer Experience

Accenture. reports that “77% of consumers are no longer loyal to any particular brand, telecoms must work harder than ever to retain their customer bases.”

“According to research by B2B International, only 14% of large B2B companies are truly customer-centric: where the customer experience is deeply ingrained in the company culture. This indicates that B2B organizations have significant work to do to become more customer-focused. But it also highlights an opportunity for B2B firms to differentiate their brand and improve profitability by delivering superior customer experience.

Understanding the complex experience: The Telecom industry is a major player in the B2B segment offering a wide range of services to their customers. From mobile to broadband they offer a multitude of services across customer groups. The complexity of these along with the ever-increasing expectations of the enterprise customer has made it difficult for telecoms to leverage their offerings and improve their revenues.

  • For Telecom’s, ensuring a great and consistent B2B CX is not always possible because there is not one single customer
  • B2B customer expectations are high
  • The transition to digital has established customer expectations of faster, seamless customer service in all settings
  • Connectedness has led to demands of real-time responsiveness to customer queries
  • Enterprise customers subscribe to multiple services, customized contracts and people with various roles accessing services
  • Customer journeys are complex too as Telecoms have more offerings that are customized and often consist of different products and services bundled together
  • Journey experience and operations are disjointed across multiple teams in different departments.

Building a great CX can be a challenge for Telecoms

  • The Siloed nature of various functions prevents enterprises from getting a complete view of the customer journey across all touch-points.
  • Unstructured data between multiple systems interrupt mapping of the customer journey.
  • Businesses spend too much time in understanding customer insights that support meaningful decisions.
  • Absence of a single customer profile.
  • Manual dependency for compiling and distributing consolidated communications.
  • Revenue leakage as the financial and ERP applications do not synchronize

Transforming the B2B Customer Experience

How can organizations create experiences that build, protect, and differentiate their brands while delivering personalized and contextual experiences across all customer interactions?

  1. Unify the customer interfacing processes with the help of digital platforms to enable consistent experience across channels and establish a single identity.
  2. Drive self-help by providing a unified view through mobile apps and self-care portals with conversational UI that delivers rich data-connected self-service on interactive chat channels.
  3. Provide analytics and role-specific reports for various stakeholders within the enterprise.
  4. Empower them to create organizational hierarchies and analyze telecom expense.
  5. Transform the legacy system to unify the backend without impacting business.

A platform powered by data management capabilities helps enterprises to create a single, dynamic view of the customer in real-time and then use that customer intelligence to deliver experiences that improve customer satisfaction making way for the customer lifetime value.

UniServe™ NXT drives personalization across all customer interactions, reduces IT complexity, delivers superior customer experiences, and helps telecoms achieve tangible business results.

A platform like UniServe™ NXT brings together online, offline, and third-party customer data sources and then applies built-in machine learning and delivers an optimal experience for the internal stakeholders and existing business processes.

With real-time customer insights, the platform provides a deeper understanding of customer behaviour and preferences, helping enterprises leverage data for campaigns. The comprehensive dashboards help in understanding high-value prospects as they improve go-to-market efficiency, thus improving revenues.

Helping enterprise customers take B2B CX to the next level with UniServe™ NXT

  • Single source of information
  • 360-degree view of expenditure across different parts of the organization
  • Enterprises having greater control over their telecom spending
  • Superior Customer Experience
  • Efficient customer service due to the availability of single view
  • Reduces TAT from procurement to payment
  • Self-help invoice management improves loyalty by 20%

Enterprises, especially telecoms need to focus on B2B CX, take steps to enhance it and build a competitive edge. They need digital platforms that can unify legacy and modern systems that deliver consistent messages across channels (including Social media and connected things) and provide analytics on customer information.

See how one of the large telecoms in the world transformed their B2B CX

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