Intelligent Technology, Intelligent Enterprises

H. C. Madhavi
February 11, 2020

Intelligent Enterprises are surely changing the way we live and work. Innovation accelerators such as AI and Machine Learning have transformed the way we interact. From delivering consistent communications, relevant content and recommendations to Omni-channel customer experience, technology empowers customers to access or work on multiple systems or devices, thus eliminating tedious, repetitive works.

Intelligent enterprises call for Intelligent Content

For enterprises to develop a comprehensive CCM solution, it is critical to deliver engaging, timely and relevant content. This will eventually mean an enhanced customer experience, higher compliance to brand identity, improved loyalty, higher up-sell and cross-sell, and increased bottom-line profits.

Automation is soon going to be all-pervasive with AI transforming our ability to make real-time decisions, and complete tasks. For every enterprise, small or big, AI, machine learning, and BPM are business necessities to stay competitive. Also, with cloud technology, enterprises can adapt new technology and scale up without having to host the infrastructure.

AI-driven CCM platform will reduce the number of communication templates, improve operational efficiency, and provide single view of the customer to organizations helping them create better and more relevant content.

AI driven Omni-channel experience will ensure a seamless interaction for the customer, whether by email, chat, or phone.

With a multichannel approach the customer can choose from multiple channels based on convenience–for a better experience, 24/7. This single view of the customer ensures a great CX journey.

Listed below is a brief summary of trends enterprises can look forward to when it comes to improving CX

Interactive Video Bills

Customers today expect personalized experiences and videos are no different. Interactive video bills powered by AI are rendered in real-time ensuring that relevant data is pulled and intercepted. Enabling interactive video bills is simple as they easily integrate with the rest of the applications with easy integration API.

AI enabled applications understand language voice commands and complete tasks for the user. AI-identified insights can do much more than reading aloud the bill. Interactive video bills are not just rich visuals and speech, they enhance the customer journey with recommendations, highlight clips and engage in interactive conversations.

Interactive video bills

  • Eliminate manual data entry, capture data from invoices, identify human errors (if any) and start the approval process automatically
  • Understand and predict customer needs, recognize workflows, such as bill approval and payment gateways, create business rules and automate the process seamlessly
  • Offer quick and many payment options including international payments and auto pay recurring bills making it easier for customers
  • Deliver interactive conversations via Chat Bots
  • Perform the role of customer service agent with ease

Integrated with Virtual Assistant

Imagine this! An intelligent, automated chat with a human touch. Well, Virtual Assistant makes this possible while creating effortless customer experiences.

Virtual Assistant, is designed to deliver an intuitive, automated experience via voice or text, offering your customers a consistent experience in all/any digital channel. With VA, a voice will respond to the customer’s request typed, tapped or spoken into any digital device.

Intelligent dialogue between customer and the brand happens with a rich set of features, including the ability to understand complex inquiries, reading the bill aloud, clarifying questions and personalize responses, helping brands deliver a superior customer self‑service experience. The scope of a Virtual Assistant is beyond the regular tasks of searching information or adding tasks. Technology is changing rapidly and what we see today is unfathomable.

From making calls and booking tickets to checking the status of smart home devices, virtual assistants are evolving to improve the user experience.

Breakthrough features of Virtual Assistants

  • Speech recognition and natural language processing
  • Understanding complex business workflows
  • Every conversation is analyzed and summed up to deliver real‑time insights
  • Cognitive computing technologies to perform more complex tasks, such as making a plane reservation

Multi-Experience Platforms for connected communications

Multi-Experience Platforms are revolutionizing customer experiences with integrated capabilities such as tracking customer behaviour, understanding consumer preferences, delivering relevant content and personalized experiences across multiple devices, and improving the Customer Experience (CX) journey.

With an intuitive interface, enhanced automation capabilities and AI they help deliver intelligent, multi-channel experiences, run campaigns, define rules (such as the number of messages, frequency, etc.), and manage end-user preferences.

So, whether it’s an Alert for payment on your smart watch, your car or any other connected device you can enable frictionless, transactional experience for your customers.

We all know that winning CX is the sum of experiences coming from communication that is relevant, consistent and customer engagement that delivers the customer a lifetime value.

Multi-Experience Platforms are designed to

  • Develop and manage customer experiences across digital channels, touch-points, and devices
  • Automate workflows and deliver personalized customer experiences
  • Deliver intuitive and real-time analytics
  • Improve intelligent visual search.
  • Deliver differentiated end-to-end digital experiences
  • Create diverse experiences ranging from a self-service portal, to responsive BOTS, and customized business solutions

Data Management

Digital experience platforms equipped with analytics capabilities helps enterprises gain actionable insights on content, online customer behavior and preferences. Machine learning technologies embed algorithms directly into the solution empowering the enterprise to learn and adapt to new data.

As the platform evolves to create a 360-degree view of your customers, it is easier to track customer journey, past transactions, preferences, behavior thus leveraging data and enabling CX initiative in real-time.

We all know that Data is the new competitive advantage, and future-ready business leaders see data as a monetization opportunity.

Loyalty Management and Data Monetization

With Internet of things driving “data monetization”

  • Enterprises are leveraging customer insights, preferences, behaviour and operational insights derived from the data to create new revenue opportunities
  • Enterprises consider using data into actionable analytics to create a common collaborative value creation platform

To conclude, here are some interesting figures. According to a research:

“44% of shoppers prefer to use chatbots rather than speak to a live agent.

90% of consumers expect a consistent experience across channels.

84% of customers try to find the answer to their question using a brand’s self‑service application.”

This is an exciting time for collaboration as more and more enterprises look forward to bring AI into their work. Make no mistake, AI ensures higher operational efficiency, ML enables predictive insights for quick decision-making and digital platforms offer a winning CX. Empowering enterprises with technology is something that will foster innovation, growth and transformation. Today, AI plays an integral role in driving digital transformation, augmenting quality and eliminating mundane work.

Fortunately, modern artificial intelligence (AI)/ML techniques can help enterprises go well beyond the basics of workflows. Intense’s  (CCM) solution—built on AI and ML technologies can interpret language, extract data elements, analyze content, and support enhanced decision-making during the customer life cycle. With a centralized, AI-powered CCM solution like ours it is easy to manage legacy content and create consistent, compelling Omni-channel customer experiences that can change the game!

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