Building Seamless Customer Journeys with UniServe™  Reach

In the realm of enterprise communication, a prominent player in the utilities industry, faced significant challenges in managing customer communications across various channels. The service provider’s distribution network spans over 400 Sq. km catering to the electricity needs of over 2.9 million customers today.

The lack of analytics, understanding of customer engagement, and the absence of streamlined journey orchestration for critical processes like bill payment and service disruption notices posed substantial hurdles for the organization.

Main Objectives

  • Improve Communication Effectiveness
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Reduce Cost of Communications

Value Delivered

  • Improved Customer Engagement - Customer engagement witnessed a noticeable improvement as communications became more personalized and targeted.
  • Efficiency in Bill Payment Process - The streamlined journey orchestration for bill payment contributed to a more efficient and user-friendly process, reducing customer queries and enhancing satisfaction.
  • Proactive Disconnect Management - The optimized disconnect notices enabled the enterprise to proactively manage service disruptions, minimizing customer inconvenience.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making - The analytics dashboard provided valuable insights, allowing the enterprise to make informed decisions and continually enhance their communication strategies.

Unleash the power of interactive billing and enhance CX

One brand, one voice, and one cohesive digital experience. Consumers today demand more from their utility providers. They desire highly customized experiences as well as assistance in comprehending usage and billing rates that are becoming ever more complex.

As a utility industry, all you need is to go digital. And our Customer Communication Management platform enables you to get the best out of digital transformation by leveraging the power of digital customer engagement. This is how our platform helps your business grow.

Boost engagement

With the help of our platform, statements that are typically boring and difficult to understand are made understandable, resulting in a memorable customer experience.

Elevated CX

Personalized video creates memorable and engaging experiences at every customer journey stage. You can add a human touch to your customer service and prevent billing shock with interactive videos. This creates a rich 1:1 customer experience (CX) and improves understanding of complicated billing components. All of these result in an elevated CX and active customer engagement.

Sustainable Initiative

Energy efficiency and costs are important to consumers. A lack of individualized information prevents many people from implementing new rate plans or energy efficiency initiatives. Take advantage of the chance to digitally contact customers with individualized usage notifications and suggestions for energy-saving measures.

Quicker resolution

Our platform offers comprehensive communication and connects customer service, utility billing, and home services, assisting in the quicker resolution of customer issues and the expansion of value-added services. Your revenue soars, and interaction is now a part of your bills.

With almost three decades of experience developing strategic digital solutions for our clients, we know how to use interactive video to make highly effective digital experiences for the utility sector. To know more, watch the video.