Omni-channel Customer Experience

Deliver the best Omni-channel experience to your customers

Omni-channel Experience For the Entire Customer Value-chain

Leverage analytics on omni-channel customer interactions to generate comprehensive insights on customers’ needs. Utilize our platform and services to satisfy their needs, then measure customers' reactions over multiple channels and significantly boost the effectiveness of customer interactions.

360-degree Customer View

A 360-degree view of customer interactions across various digital channels enables seamless and consistent customer experiences.

Act on Insights

Big data offers you critical insights into customer behavior. Bind these insights to the context of near real-time data to deliver relevance to the omni-channel experience.

Integrated Customer Service

Digital Omni-channel Customer Experiences require omni-channel CRM and streamlined internal processes that are customer-centric.

Unleashing Next-Level Computing Power to the World

Reduce Customer Service Costs by 20%

Unify your existing CRM with other applications to help you save on customer service costs. UniServe NXT platform allows your customer support team to access one application for all its needs, such as tracking customer interactions throughout various channels and utilizing customer information across applications

Leverage the Omni-channel Experience to Improve Revenues

Create highly personalized, cross-channel customer engagement and deliver exceptional brand experiences uniformly across all digital touch points. Contextual experiences powered by data gathered from the most recent customer interactions help you improve revenues by sending personalized offers tailored to customer needs.

Deliver a Uniform Experience by Sharing Insights with Stakeholders

Ensure a smooth transition between physical and digital channels. They produce near real-time updates of customer interactions on various channels, which can be sent to all stakeholders – like CRM executives, physical store agents, partners, and field personnel. Bring people, processes, and technology together to deliver the full omni-channel experience.