Energy & Utilities

Begin the digital transformation of energy and utility services with UniServe™ NXT

Agility is more important than ever for energy and utility providers. Digital business models allow utility infrastructure to be used efficiently while remaining compliant with strict regulations.

UniServe™ NXT lets you digitalize the customer experience lifecycle. It modernizes existing infrastructure to generate your digital transformation of your business.


Utility companies need to embrace new technologies underpinning digital business to remain competitive. Technologies like APIs, IoT, artificial intelligence, and process automation produce valuable efficiencies for utility providers. UniServe™ NXT provides ideal solutions for digitalizing customer-facing processes in short timelines.


Utilities and energy companies that make robust investments in technologies like digital customer engagement stand to gain considerable benefits. You may improve customer experience and generate new service opportunities.UniServe™ NXT platform offers customer communications management solutions that enable personalized, consistent, and contextual customer engagement.


See how you can transform your customer experience lifecycle


Digitalization of customer onboarding supports operating conditions, satisfies customer expectations and adheres to regulatory requirements. Our end-to-end onboarding solution achieves this easily.


Obtain a unified customer view by connecting multiple systems that store and process customer information. Analyze customer data to gain insights into usage patterns and requirements. This can help your utility company tailor services to satisfy customer expectations.


Implement our centralized communications engine to enjoy consistent, two-way, omni-channel delivery of customer-facing information. Educate customers on how to control usage, send payment reminders, generate outage alerts, and request service updates.


Energy consumers demand full-service customer-facing portals for utility transactions. At the same time, these let utility companies view and analyze usage patterns with ease. Customers can raise service requests and configure alerts for usage limits using your technical infrastructure, generating efficiencies across the board.