Robotic Process Automation

UniServe™ NXT's RPA and AI capabilities help build competitive edge and ensure seamless customer experience

Process Bots

Process bots populate data between prescribed locations. They can audit information, document audit trails, perform calculations and trigger downstream activities autonomously.

Chat Bots

Reduce manual customer service effort by 50% by offloading voice and non-voice response management to chat bots. We automate front- and back-end tasks to resolve customer issues automatically.

Cut Operational Costs

Automate routine tasks to make business processes more efficient. Eliminate waste and reduce dependency on employee man-hours for completing routine tasks.

Bridge organizational silos to generate consistent customer engagement

Structured, digitalized data shared across multiple IT systems allows you to consolidate, manipulate, distribute and analyze data without replacing existing systems. Our platform comes with wizards that detect applications to connect to, using a library of preprogrammed adapters and connectors to other software to do so. We can connect to SAP, Oracle, and other industry vertical-specific applications with ease.


Transform customer onboarding into a digital process while adhering to eKYC

Automate data entry, credit verification, and face recognition for compliance-adherent case management. End-to-end automation ensures faster and more efficient customer onboarding.


Non-voice response management

We offer process automation and machine learning services for document classification, document separation, and data extraction of all document types. This may include structured forms, semi-structured documents, and completely unstructured documents. We use OCR and parsing technology to route non-voice customer queries, requests, and complaints to the appropriate customer care representative.


Automated pre-bill auditing ensures billing accuracy

We provide end-to-end automation of manual invoice and bill auditing. Our platform cross-checks data from multiple applications, like CRM, order management, and billing amongst others.We test various use cases to validate billing information, such as rate plans, discounts, billing dates and address data.



Accelerate the digitalization of citizen transactions with UniServe™ NXT