Application Development

Fast-track application development from months to weeks and achieve a faster time-to-market.


Experiment continuously with business processes, optimize them throughout the entire application development cycle with minimal coding efforts.


Ensure that business, IT and operations departments are all on the same page and share a common set of goals and metrics. This facilitates transparency with improved collaboration between teams.

Robotic Process Automation

Let your teams focus on what matters most. Let automation workflows take care of routine and manual tasks and focus on high-value tasks for optimal business outcomes.

DevOps + Business Platform

Our Application Development Services prioritizes squarely on real-world business outcomes, leveraging the entire IT value chain – development, testing, operations, and security – to do so efficiently. Our services empowers stakeholders to perform wide-ranging tasks without relying on intervention from IT operations team.

Develop Enterprise-grade Applications At Scale

Our comprehensive services offer application development and deployment services built on modular architecture. This helps large enterprises improve business agility. Create UIs, define workflows, create data models, configure APIs and re-use pre-built components without writing a single line of code.


Why should Intense Technologies be your Business Agility Partner?

  • Get your solutions to the market faster and at-scale
  • Fast-track app development with improved operational efficiencies
  • Leverage a modular platform with re-usable assets to scale team productivity
  • Utilize easily adaptable pre-built containers
  • Grow faster with a scalable architecture and reduce IT dependency

Data Virtualization to Bridge Organizational Siloes

Data connection is quickly replacing data consolidation in the world of digital business solutions. Traditional ETL technologies and stand-alone data warehouses can't keep up with users' needs. The best way to ensure relevant, timely and complete data integration is through virtualization. Our Application Development Services combine new and existing data sources effortlessly using built-in data connectors, adapters, coordinators, and translators.


Deliver Contextual Experience Using Tiny Data

Tiny data is of extreme importance to business processes. This is the type of data technicians collect when they need to know something useful about their work process. This data informs technical actions and improves business processes. It allows businesses to deliver contextual experience to customers, and enables analysis of data with a limited shelf life. Our Application Development Services uses these small pieces of information to produce insights on big data, helping enterprises build experiences that appeal to customers' natural behaviors and desires.