Low-code platform

Leverage the power of low-code

Fast-track your business, automate processes and improve productivity

Build agility by developing enterprise applications that enable seamless collaboration with employees, processes, customers, partners and connected things essential to remain relevant in the digital era.

Process Automation

Automate repetitive, data-heavy, time-consuming processes.

Forms Automation

Transform complex forms into easy digital experiences, boost Data Accuracy, and Elevate CX

Low-code application development

Build customer interfacing apps like self-service portals, partner portals.

Modernize legacy apps

Improve an enterprise's existing digital platform with the help of modern solutions.

Meet and exceed all your business requirements.

Today, customers operate in a digital world. With Artificial Intelligence, Low-Code, Microservices, Analytics, BPM and more, technology is transforming the way we approach day-to-day business

Make your enterprise more customer centric

Digitize customer interactions throughout the customer lifecycle, improve revenues, enhance customer experience, and streamline operations for better productivity.


Workflow layer of UniServe™ NXT platform helps digitalization and process automation in quickest time. Built on XPDL standard, this layer binds all the other layers with its rich user interface. The UI enables you to design complex process flow to orchestrate the working of a solution with a simple drag-and-drop of critical elements published from other layers. This layer also helps in designing experimentation workflows that can run in parallel to production workflow


UniServe™ NXT platform enables solutions to build a collection of loosely coupled reusable services, which implement business capabilities by design. This ensures continuous delivery of large and complex solutions at ease. It also enables an organization to Innovate and evolve its technology stack.

Data privacy

Identify sensitive data with data protection rules that dynamically reduce risk of regulatory violations with role-based access controls.

A digital first ​strategy to accelerate innovation

An  intuitive development platform, that helps transform ideas into applications. ​

Workflow Automation

Say goodbye to manual and repetitive tasks and increase your operational efficiency with our comprehensive workflow automation software.

Drag-and-drop interfaces

Build and launch apps with our  low-code interface, reduce development time from months to weeks. 


Implement the functionality of third-party services within user-created apps

Actionable insights

Transform raw data into valuable insights and turn insights into proactive measures using customer analytics.


Improved Conversions

Send contextual campaigns on customer's preferred channel and time and improve customer experience.


Personalized Offers

Marketers can use these insights to produce personalized content and offers.


Digital Forms- for digital transformation

With Digital Forms you can simplify complexities, cut costs of managing forms, deliver superior customer experience and fast track your digital transformation! Watch the video to see what our Forms Automation is all about.

Business impact of Forma Automation

Digital Forms is an important aspect of service automation, and a key element of process automation because every application requires Forms. Read the Datasheet to know more.