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About uniserveTM Digit 5

Intense’s uniserveTM Digit 5 offers a comprehensive digital marketing platform that enables organizations to engage with their customers and thereby enhance user experience while generating additional revenue. Multiple types of campaigns like push-pull and viral campaigns can be launched using the solution. Various types of reports on measuring the performance of the campaign are available. It is a unique business model that brings the customer database holders, advertisers and technology providers together to deliver a powerful, mutually beneficial solution. Availability of the solution on Cloud makes it all the more cost effective and flexible.

  • Enterprise systems operate in silos for sending communication to customers through different channels like print, e-mail, SMS etc. Their measurement, customer data analytics and multi-channel campaign scheduling are all on disparate applications that do not connect to each other
  • Relevant messages driven by customer preferences require unique business models that bring together the advertisers, technology providers and customer database holders together onto a single platform, which is a daunting task.

Just some of the roadblocks the industry is presented within communicating with customers.

For the Enterprise
  • 25-30% quicker deployment
  • Assured ROI within 12-18 months*
  • Proven offering with a year-on-year cost reduction
  • Helps build a stronger multi-channel relationship with customer
For the customer
  • Provides specific, focused and timely marketable messages
  • Revenue realization by upto 35-40% per customer segment